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Ha, I'm hotter than you!

Name: Ashleigh, but call me Ash or Batafurai

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Location: New Zealand

Who invited you?/ how did you hear about this community?: My bud Danielle gave me a link to an application, and I decided to join

Why we should accept you: I'm an extremely opinionated person, I come on lj everyday and if I don't like someone, then I'm not going to sugarcoat anything. I believe in the pure and simple truth :)

Your turn: Gracias, senorita

Something interesting about yourself: One of my best friends is also my stalker and I run my own art community

What is your favorite Physical/Mental Characteristic about yourself:
Physical: Hair, eyes, wrists
Mental: Psychological/helpful part of mind

Least favorite?:
Physical: Ears, fingers
Mental: Sensitivity, mood swings

Fav. Bands
x. The Ataris
x. The Clash
x. Nirvana
x. All American Rejects
x. Blink 182
x. Simple Plan
x. The Calling
x. Steriogram (NZ)
x. Zed (NZ)
x. Elemeno P (NZ)
x. Pacifier (NZ
x. Rancid
x. Evanescence
x. Yellocard

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