trace (kraftsingles) wrote in juicy_sweet,

"Ha, i'm hotter than you!!!!!!!!!!"


Name: Tracey

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Location: Ontario, Canada

Who invited you?/ how did you hear about this community?: twizzlerx

Why we should accept you:because i love rating communities, i'm honest when i answer, i'm an active member, and i will promote.

Your turn: gracias senorita

Something intresting about yourself: hmmm...i noticed that you spelled interesting wrong in the i guess i am good at spelling? i also love animals and i have worked at two animal hospitals,a pet store and volunteer at an animal shelter.

What is your favorite Physical/Mental Characteristic about yourself physical= my eyes and my hair, mental=my brains
Least favorite?physical=nose mental=shyness

Fav. Bandstaking back sunday, brand new, incubus, hot hot heat, rooney, david bowie.

(3+ pics)

this pic is from when i took my braids out...i like to call myself FROdo baggins....

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