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ha, i'm hotter than you!

Name: sara beth
Age: 17
Gender: grrl
Sexuality: bi
Location: jersey
Who invited you?/ how did you hear about this community?: lei :)
Why we should accept you: i'm an individual. i'm honest. i'm cute ;)
Your turn: gracias senorita
Something intresting about yourself: i'm a lacrosse player, and editor of my school's literary magazine.
What is your favorite Physical/Mental Characteristic about yourself? Physical... either my eyes [green] or my ass. that sounds so... ghetto to me for some reason, but i look pretty damn good in tight jeans. mental? i'm not afraid to say what i'm feeling. if something is pissing me off, i'm going to make it known. in no way am i a passive human being
Least favorite? Physical... wish i had a slightly bigger chest. Mental? I'm crazy sensative. tears grace my cheeks frequently
Fav. Bands? Ani DiFranco is my love... Brand New, Dashboard, No Doubt, O.A.R, Tegan & Sara
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